“Not yet…” CDPR Responds to Safeng 2077 Joining Game Pass

” Join Game Pass? Not yet…”

CDPR Officially denied the rumors of joining the Xbox Game Pass (hereafter Game Pass). CDPR announced its earnings on the 29th. Wow The company’s game operation direction and roadmap were also disclosed.

What stands out the most This is CDPR’s response to the rumors about joining the Game Pass. Recently, on the North American community Reddit, Rumors circulated that he would join the Game Pass. Xbox Cloud Gaming official trailer released on the 18th Because the clip is included. 2019 The fact that he joined the Game Pass also supported this hypothesis.

about this CDPR CEO Adam Kitchinski said:has provided a subscription service for a certain period of time through Game Pass. However, for this to happen, it is necessary to measure revenue, cost, and sales volume and check the data.” It is too early to comment.” As the CEO announced that it was ‘premature’, Your chances of joining this game pass are slim. Of course, as the answer came that you need to consider the situation There is plenty of room to watch.

CDPR CEO Adam Kitchinski said it was ‘premature’ for Safeng 2077 to join Game Pass (Source: CDPR)

In addition to this, CDPR is also Wow An update plan was announced. The next-generation version update is scheduled to take place in the second quarter of next year, and includes a visual upgrade, a Netflix live-action drama Inspired items are added. Graphics optimization, fast loading, etc. will be reflected. The next-generation version is expected in the first quarter of 2022.

underwent a full review There was also information about multiplayer. Adam Kitchinski, CEO, said: Wow “We plan to add a multiplayer element to the franchise.” “I’m not going to tell you which franchise will add the element first.(We are not revealing which franchise will get the first multiplayer functionalities​) But I want to learn from it and move forward little by little.”

Meanwhile, CDPR’s latest work Since its release last year, it has suffered harsh criticism for bugs and quest structure, but is changing its evaluation by improving some problems through updates. As of the 29th, 84% of the 22,197 user reviews written in a month were The overall evaluation also maintained ‘generally positive’.

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(Source: CDPR)


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