Nothing is enough for Christmas, you put another shovel on the traffic chaos in Budapest

2021.06.18. 19:00

The people of Budapest can prepare for new plugs. On one of the busiest main roads, the mayor takes a lane from motorists.

Due to the renovation of the Chain Bridge, there will be changes on Hegyalja út from Saturday,

a coherent bus lane will be established between the BAH junction and Döbrentei tér in the direction of Erzsébet bridge

The Budapest Transport Center (BKK) said on Friday.

Traffic changes include the retuning of traffic lights on Hegyalja Road, adapting to the new traffic situation. The traffic lanes at Döbrentei Square will be transformed, reducing congestion in front of the Elizabeth Bridge.

Will this be enough after making Hegyalja út one-lane, which is difficult to walk on two lanes?

According to BKK. They did not write about how many minutes the motorists will get to Döbrentei Square due to the alterations.

It turns out on Monday. We’ll see you in the fall …

The Chain Bridge is expected to be returned to road traffic in December 2022, but the sidewalks will remain closed until the works are completed in 2023.

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