Notice on the increasing use of electronic cigarettes by young people

Despite the ban on sale, the device is increasingly accepted by the population under 24 years.

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Young people under 24 are the main consumers of electronic cigarettes, said Daniel Buljubasich, president of the Argentina Association of Respiratory Medicine (AAMR), who recently participated in the First International Forum on Electronic Cigarettes, which was held in city ​​of Buenos Aires.
The forum, which was part of the 46th Argentine Congress of Respiratory Medicine and ended this Sunday in Puerto Madero, brought together the leaders of the AAMR, the Latinoamerican Association of Thorax (ALAT), the European Respiratory Societies (ERS), Pneumonia and Spanish Surgery. Thoracic (separate) and Mexican thoracic and thoracic surgery (SMNYCT), among other world references.
The electronic cigarette, also known as vaporizer or vaporizer, consists of a container in the form of a cigarette or similar, an internal battery to generate heat and a charge with a liquid solution that when heated produces a vapor that conveys various substances to be inhaled (vaping) .
The liquid solution is composed of nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals, which heated not only generate nicotine aerosols but also other chemicals that are toxic and carcinogenic to health.
"In Argentina, the sale of electronic cigarettes is forbidden, but it is a public knowledge that is still marketed, and we are in a country where the framework agreement has not been ratified and we have not managed to make it a public health policy. ", recognized Buljubasich.
The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) of the World Health Organization (WHO), in force since February 2005, is the first international treaty on public health establishing a package of measures to control the epidemic of tobacco. So far, 181 countries have ratified the FCTC, while Argentina is one of the few countries that, despite having signed in 2003, has not yet done so.
According to Buljubascih, one of the main conclusions reached during the forum is that young people consume the most vaporizers. "The use of tobacco in young people today is alarming: in our country, 26.7% of the population aged 18 to 24 smokes", said the latest epidemiological research on tobacco consumption carried out from the Planning Secretariat for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and the Fight against Drug Trafficking in 2016.
In this sense, Gustavo Zabert, president of ALAT, stressed that "what attracts young people more are the aromas".
"Fruit trees and the taste of chocolate are the most popular among consumers of electronic cigarettes.In principle, we try to limit these flavors and advertising space, as a way to reduce consumption," he said.
When asked about the belief that new devices are less harmful than ordinary tobacco, the president of ERS, Mina Gaga, wrote: "When they ask me if it is true that it is less harmful than the traditional cigarette, the data of which there are not information I answer as follows: according to a study conducted in the United States only 36% of those affected in the head with a 22-caliber pistol dies because of that wound, can we say that it is less harmful than other gauges?
According to the WHO, some substances detected in the vapor of electronic cigarettes present toxic and carcinogenic risks, while the aerosols that emit "is a new source of air pollution".

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