Nour Amr Diab reviews her “empty” apartment, and reveals that she has the same illness as her sister

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Nour Amr Diab reviewed her new apartment in south London, in a live broadcast video through her official account on Instagram, during which she announced that her wedding to her fiancé Kiran will be next year.

The apartment seemed almost devoid of any furniture, not even a sofa in the living room, and she said that she would gradually furnish it according to her taste, and she would be happy with that, and she reiterated her financial independence from her family, and her keenness not to exploit the fame of her father, Amr Diab and her mother, Sherine Reda.

This confirmation came, after a great interaction on social media, with Nour’s recent statement, that “her father has not been spending on her for years, because she is a self-made person and is keen to spend on herself…”, and she once again indicated that her main source of income is from Her work as a fashion model.

Nour Amr Diab revealed in her latest direct communication sessions with her followers on Instagram; About her suffering from ADHD, just like her half-sister Jana Amr Diab, who announced that she had this syndrome a few months ago, and Nour expressed her solidarity with her and her understanding of her suffering.

She also spoke about a difficult stage of anxiety and depression that she experienced during the height of the spread of the Corona pandemic, which she overcame with the help of psychiatry, and her transformation during the treatment stage to the vegetarian method of nutrition, which relieved her anxiety.

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When asked about her fiancé Kieran Woodward, she described her relationship with him as “very healthy”, and said that she did not expect love to be so wonderful, and announced that their wedding would be next year 2022, but she did not reveal the date.


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