Sport Novak Djokovic talks about his physical neck problems

Novak Djokovic talks about his physical neck problems

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic He appeared before the media at a press conference to analyze what his feelings are after his debut at the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati, where he beat Lithuanian Ricardas Berankis with more difficulties than expected.

-Neck discomfort that made him get out of the doubles tournament yesterday:

“Little by little it is improving. I have been dragging these discomforts for four days, but today I have hardly had pain in that area. Obviously, I still do not have it 100%, but everything is going in that direction. Now with total security it is It will inflame a bit after today’s game and hopefully not so much. We are going to do everything possible with the physiotherapists and then we will see what tomorrow will bring us. “

-Fight with Rafa and Roger to finish as the tennis player with the most Grand Slam titles:

“What has happened in the world with the coronavirus was very unpredictable. We all started the season very involved in tennis, but with the appearance of this pandemic everything changed and the health issue was the most important thing. Now that tennis has They all come back and talk about this fight again. I think we will all fight for this until we retire. The debate will always be there. Obviously now things have changed a bit. The players barely have a competitive rhythm, you don’t have the breath of the fans from the stands, having to wear a mask almost always, the bubble … For the US Open, Rafa and Roger are not there, but that does not change my approach when preparing for this tournament. He planned each Grand Slam as what it really is, a major tournament. “

-Return to compete after the break:

“It’s a big challenge, but I think we all have to accept the situation and move forward. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing. It’s kind of weird after making a good point not hearing the applause from the crowd. It’s quite a little cold. I knew when I entered the track what I was going to find: the quality of my rival and a track without spectators. I came to the United States a week before and tried to get used to this. I am very happy with the victory, since the US Open is just around the corner and the players want as many games as possible to reach the Grand Slam as smoothly as possible “.

-Fastness of the tracks:

“The tracks are very fast. I don’t know what happened. If they have resurfaced or repainted it in such a way that it is at least 20-30% faster than last year. Also, the Arthur Ashe and Louis Armstrong are more slower than outside courts. I was very surprised by the speed of the ball, and the vast majority of my training sessions have been on the center court and when I have seen this it has surprised me a bit. It has cost me a little to be able to enter in the match but finally I was able to do it and get the victory. “

-How the confinement at home experienced:

“It was a blessing to spend every day with my children, wife, siblings and parents. It had been a long time since I spent as much time with my family as these months. For me it was incredible to be able to do things with them, something that is very difficult to do during the tennis season, since we are traveling around the world throughout the year and I think moments like this are necessary, “he concluded.



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