Novak Djokovic wins Jan-Lennard Struff in Cincinnati 2020

Like someone who goes to buy bread, like someone who walks the dog. One more routine, an integrated habit that cannot be escaped. That’s what it conveys Novak Djokovic with his tennis, trivializing the enormous difficulty of having spent so many years at the top and winning matches against players of the level of Jan-Lennard Struff like someone detaches from a fly. The consistency of the Serbian in these last two games of the ATP Masters 1000 Cincinnati 2020 it makes prediction that the empire is still in force and that there are few who can question it if it continues to play at this level. 6-3 6-1 beat the German, lacking any argument to put him in trouble.

The game was an end-to-end display of the real ones; Far from fuss, spectacular blows and shrillness, the most notable superiority is transmitted in the inexorable accumulation of points in favor and in that feeling that whatever the rival does, he will not have the way to find a crack through which to slip. Djokovic does not weaken in any shot, he plays with depth, with changes in speed and height, he defends himself with consistency and reduces all hope of his opponents to ashes.

That has been the feeling that the Balkan has transmitted at the peak of his sporting career and, curiously, it is with which he has resumed the tennis competition after a break as long as it is difficult to manage. Jan-Lennard Struff he didn’t have one of his days; stripped of clairvoyance on duty, he was able to score very few points with that blow and saw his rival snatch the initiative from him again and again. He stayed behind during the first race, but threw in the towel as the Serbian’s energy and intensity increased even more in the second race. It is very hard for the German to be removed from the tournament like this, but little by little can be done against Novak Djokovic when it is at this level. Roberto Bautista will be the next to try to bend you in this ATP Masters 1000 Cincinnati 2020.


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