Novk was done with Kundera, he didn’t go into it, when he discussed the biography of Milan Uhde | Culture

Milan Uhde did not want to appear in Jan Novek Kunder’s book: Esk Life and Time as a Memorial, even though he was approached. Seeing his longtime friend Milan Kundera as a very complex personality, an author who has spent the rest of his life on the identity of his heroes.


He played with his identity even in life, and whoever served him usually served him for a time. After five books, he is convinced that Novk was done with Kundera, he did not go into it, and especially he is annoyed that in an attempt to convince Kundera, he got on the path of the so-called true facts.

LN: How was the first impression when you introduced the book?
I was captivated by the amount of material Jan Novk endured. He trained people I only knew dimly. That is very acknowledged. As for the surveillance document, if the writer is not so spit out, wash them out. At the same time, however, he did not discover everything and some according to the sources did not take into account, even though he had information about them. This is first and foremost the critique of Kundera’s generation of South Brabec, who wrote to them and still speaks qualifiedly about it. In addition, he was a critically unlucky comrade.

But he would orient Jan Novek in a different direction than the one he set out for. It is clear to Brabc and Cadmius, who dealt with a monographic wheel dedicated to an author, that he must penetrate into the author’s world in depth and become acquainted with it. My teacher Oleg Sus kal: first the principle is to understand the author, then I can drill him or even sprain him. But Novk was done with Kundera, he didn’t go into it.

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