Novotný was bulletproof in the Pilsen derby and hopes that Energie will rise

Slavomír Kubeš, ČTK

“It’s very important because we need points in the table. I think it could be a match from which we will bounce back to other matches. The table is very balanced, so all points are important,” Novotný said after the match.

The 30-year-old breeder of Jihlava scored the second zero in the season, but he mainly enjoyed the interruption of a series of failures. “I don’t look at a clean account too much, the three points we kicked are more important to us. I’m happy for zero, it’s an imaginary icing on the cake, but the points are more important to me,” he said.

Karlovy Vary players rejoice at the goal against Pilsen. From left Petr Koblasa, Martin Kohout, goal scorer Jiří Kulich and Tomáš Hanousek.

Slavomír Kubeš, ČTK

He was grateful to his teammates for helping him with his opponent’s chances. “It flew there from one side to the other, so we all jumped along the gate. The boys fell there literally in their hands and I followed them. I’m glad we helped each other and came for three points,” Novotný said.

Karlovy Vary took five losses and defeated Pilsen in a derby

After Jiří Průžek’s goal from the 48th minute to 2: 0, he already believed that his team would not let go of the victory. “Before, there was a situation where I played on the boards and one of the Pilsen players shot into an empty goal. I jumped into the shot and it hit me somewhere, I just felt it hurt. Then we scored on the other side. That was about a moment “in which I thought we could kick victory,” he added.

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The West Bohemian derby attracted the highest visit in the KV Arena this season with 3816 spectators. “It’s always nice when a full house comes. Today the fans were amazing, even the people from Pilsen, so they shouted at each other. It was very nice. Thank you very much. Pilsen is always a strong opponent among the fans. I think how much we “We enjoyed the match, so the fans enjoyed it anyway. We are doing it for them,” Novotný added.


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