Now Meta gets the authorities on its neck, again

After their first lawsuit against Meta, then called Facebook, was rejected, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is once again suing the technology giant.

Was rejected in the first round of court

The FTC accuses Meta of the same thing as in the previous round, namely maintaining its monopoly on personal social networking (PSN) services over a long period of anti-competitive practices. They also wanted the company to be divided into several smaller companies, and for the acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp to be reversed.

It is part of the story that the lawsuit was last dismissed by the court after six months on the grounds of lack of evidence to support the FTC’s claim – what they had was not sufficient to prove that the company illegally dominated the social media market. Nevertheless, they were given another chance to present evidence in court, and now is the time.

The judge rejects some of the FTC’s allegations

Federal Judge James Boasberg has agreed to run a new round of the case:

“First of all, the FTC now believes that they have sufficient facts to claim that Facebook exercises monopoly power in the market for PSN services. The FTC has also made claims that the company’s dominant market share is protected by the high barriers to entry into the market. Finally, they have also explained that Facebook not only has monopoly power, but that they have deliberately sought to maintain this power through anti-competitive activities, specifically by buying up Instagram and WhatsApp. “

At the same time, Boasberg sweeps some of the FTC’s claims about Meta’s attitudes off the table: among other things, this applies to the claim that Meta has prevented developers from interacting with their platform through carefully selected guidelines for the use of their service. This was discontinued in 2018, it is claimed.

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