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Can one be both for and against something? But of course: “The solidarity idea has always been a strength of all members of the DFL,” says Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. He also says on the same topic: “We can not be in solidarity with Werder, because it would be the completely wrong sign.” Encouraging one to show solidarity while not being one is, for Rummenigge, an apparently not too difficult exercise.

What brought him to this dialectical statement: The DFL General Assembly of the 36 professional clubs from first and second league decided on Tuesday, Police costs in full at Werder Bremen pass. The Bremen Senate had the DFL sent appropriate bills for risk games. So far, poor Bremen is the only state that sends bills for risk games to the DFL.

Werder has now announced, the almost unanimous decision of the DFL members against him (32 clubs were for it, RB Leipzig abstained, Werder voted against, two were not there) possibly legally to challenge. It would be the first time that a Bundesliga club sued the DFL. Therefore, the sentence of Rummenigge goes even further, he considers Werder's threat of threat a novelty for which he has no understanding. Also, because the vote against Werder almost unanimously fell. Solidarity is therefore valid for all who participate.

A location disadvantage for Bremen

The murmur of the lawsuit against their own league is the next stage of escalation in this year-long dispute, but also the next missed chance. On the one hand, because it shows that the solidarity of the clubs is not far away. The costs so far amount to 2.6 million euros. The club rejected the suggestion of the Bremen, this comparatively manageable amount between the league, the home team and the guest team. Even the proposal of the Bremen Senate to set up a fund in which all together deposit up to 40 million euros, has no friends at the DFL.

Thus Werder must pay the political decision of the Bremen Senate alone, even the DFL speaks of a locational disadvantage of one of its members. But will Werder remain the only club to be charged fees?

The pressure on the public sector to be frugal is not decreasing as football revenues continue to grow. The Bremen action was also confirmed in a ruling by the Leipzig Federal Administrative Court this March. Will the other interior ministers just leave extra money for their policewomen?

Rhineland-Palatinate has announced that it will issue similar declarations from 2020, and Saarland is also supporting the initiative. Hamburg shows interest. Bavaria, Berlin and Lower Saxony are against it so far. At the Conference of Interior Ministers, Bremen Interior Senator Mäurer will be campaigning for support for his actions these days.

Of course, the clubs had this meeting in mind when they voted against Werder. Every Minister of the Interior should know: Anyone who uses the pencil for the bill does not sign an application for honorary membership of the clubs in his state. Even their fans are voters. That's the political message of the DFL vote: just do not mess with us. For this reason, the Bremen Interior Senator has always put the bill to the DFL and never to Werder.

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