now you can improve your playlists with the push of a button

There is no doubt that streaming services have forever changed the way we listen to music. And it is that we are not only talking about the simple fact of listening to it without physical support, which at the time was already an absolute revolution, but over the years these platforms have allowed us to discover more music than ever adapted to our tastes. And that is surely the greatest value of music in streaming, the ease we have to discover new music and experiment with the most eclectic playlists, something that we will be able to continue doing with the new tool that it has now presented. Spotify.

A button to boost your playlists

What Spotify has now launched, and which it has announced on its blog, is something like a “Turbo” for our playlists. And it is that the platform has presented “Enhance”A new tool that helps us create the best playlists, and give them that necessary polish so that they are perfect. We all know how difficult it is to create a playlist adapted to a certain mood, respecting genres or even modeling it for a specific person. This new function has been created exclusively for Premium users. And this new function can be seen within the app in a new button that we will find at the top of the playlist.

This button will appear at the top of the playlist, and when you press it what we will achieve is that Spotify recommend us new songs after playing two tracks. Then it will offer us a maximum of 30 recommendations, something that could significantly change the playlist itself. In this way we can add those songs that we like the most from the proposals, and therefore the list will be enriched with those songs that are more suitable for it. As you know, this is possible thanks to the sophisticated algorithms used by these apps, which allow us to access music similar to the one we are listening to.

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And in this case to music similar to the one that the AI ​​detects within our playlists. Therefore, when you notice that a playlist is missing something, lacks that final touch, we can ask Spotify for help with this new button. Something much more comfortable than the traditional method, which has basically always consisted of diving through other playlists until finding songs to add to each of the lists. Even creating stations of our favorite songs and then adding them to these lists. This new functionality will always add songs, and they will never replace others. Therefore, when this new function works its magic, the number of songs in the list will increase, and at no time will the previous ones be deleted.

Fortunately in the announcement of Spotify Spain is included among the first countries to receive this new feature. Although we will have to wait until October for it to start reaching all users, undoubtedly an excellent way to learn about new music.

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