Now you can install the beta version of Android Q on one of these 21 smartphones


Google takes advantage of its Google I / O conference to present the third beta of Android Q. And in addition to offering new features, this beta also sees the arrival of new compatible smartphones. In fact, while the previous beta of Android Q could only be installed on the 6 Google Pixel smartphones, the beta 3 is also compatible with these models produced by third parties:

The best Android smartphones

To install the beta 3 version, it's here.

But of course, since it's not a stable version yet, you won't be safe from bugs. Beta's are particularly useful for Android app developers, who can expect new features that will be available in the stable version of Android Q.

Google reminds that this is possible thanks to the Treble project

Otherwise, Google has not failed to mention that if it is able to offer the beta of Android Q on so many devices, it is thanks to Treble, a new architecture that allows producers to be less dependent on suppliers of updates distribution components.

"Thanks to Project Treble, Android Beta Beta is now available on a range of popular devices from our main device manufacturers," Google writes on the Android site.


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