NRJ Music Awards: Internet users scandalized by the reproduction of Patrick Bruel (REVUE DE TWEETS)

With his beautiful audience, the evening of NRJ Music Awards it is a coveted passage of artists in promotion. How he lifted the veil on 2 November last We'll go out tonight, Patrick Bruel So he arrived on the stage of the Palais des Festival in Cannes. If the room has reserved a nice reception accompanied by the usual "Patriiiiiick", the surfers of the network are quickly mounted in the niche.

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almost Patrick Bruel he started to "sing" that the twitt got angry. And we understand: all the smiles and the guitar over the shoulder, the singer did not really bother to hide that it was about reproduction. So what happened was a shower of malicious messages.

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Patrick Bruel he is not the only one who has taken his rank. During this twentieth edition of NRJ Music Awards Kev Adams, who came to present a parody of Stromae it was literally sprayed on Twitter.

It "It's super annoying", "I'm doing zapping", "Serious is not funny" … Kev Adams is ripped after his time at the NRJ Music Awards 2018 (TWEETS REVIEW)

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