NRW / Gelsenkirchen: Anna Smaczny missing – victim of a crime?

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For over two weeks, the 35-year-old Anna Smaczny from Gelsenkirchen is missing every lane. Now the police have expressed a terrible suspicion.

Gelsenkirchen – What happened to Anna Smaczny? Every trace is missing from June 23 in Gelsenkirchen. Only three days after her disappearance, police Gelsenkirchen published for the first time two photos of the young woman. Now investigators renew their research call, Anna Smaczny may have fallen victim to a crime.

Two weeks ago, the young woman evidently left her habitual environment for no apparent reason. As the police explained, the 35-year-old also has points of reference in Krefeld. However, it is not known in what context their disappearance could occur. However, according to the police, a crime can no longer be excluded and the circumstances of his disappearance remain mysterious.

Anna Smaczny from Gelsenkirchen is missing: the police update the search request

Anna Smaczny is described as about 155 cm tall, currently wearing blonde hair in the middle of the shoulder. His clothes are described by the police as "usually very bright", his nails are also long and colorful. The 35-year-old could therefore carry a pink backpack with him. From the public prosecutor's office in Essen, an amount of up to 5,000 euros was awarded for the indications leading to the discovery of missing persons.

The police ask witnesses who can provide relevant information about the disappearance or the whereabouts of the missing persons, to call the Gelsenkirchen police on the telephone number 0209 / 365-8240 (Kriminalwache) or -7171 (Kriminalkommissariat 11).

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