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It wasn’t long before the fight against cryptocurrency began. This struggle culminated last week, when the German authorities banned all cryptocurrency activities on their land. In particular, all should be remembered in June limited to countries that have significantly negatively affected the course of such cryptocurrencies. Now, ten Czech companies have published a joint statement that they will cooperate in the exchange of illegal activities in the field of cryptocurrencies. In cooperation with the need for the offender, join e.g. central bank, ad for securities and foreign exchange regulations. De facto, this means that since last week, all activities associated with virtual currency are illegal, ie. demand, exchange, purchase, sale, etc. sent a clear signal that he intended to go and confirm the enforcement of the order.

From the above, it is possible to change the statement of the Central Bank of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), which stated that the brokerage of cryptocurrencies is inefficient and fulfills the punishment of anyone who does so, including those who work for foreign platforms from the country. The National Council for Development and Reform (NDRC) has said it will launch a nationwide crackdown on the cryptocurrency, as it seeks to phase out the sector.

began its fight against cryptocurrencies in 2013, a long time before, cryptocurrencies began their biggest boom. The interesting thing is that the first government stated that bitcoin is a virtual commodity and users can freely visit its online store. This relative freedom won in only a month. In the dark of this year, the financial regulators, including the PBOC, banned banks and payment companies from providing bitcoin-related services. This was followed by restrictions in 2017, when the series banned initial coin offers (ICOs) on the grounds that they wanted to protect investors and reduce the financial risks of such investments. At the same time, with the destruction of the introduction of new coins, hand in hand, the ban on trading platforms and exchanging currency (fiat) for cryptocurrencies and vice versa. This led to the first major market, as most platforms moved their activities beyond them. By the middle of 2018, 88 platforms had withdrawn from the market in this way. Some of these measures have been restricted in relation to the cryptocurrency trade. It was a business to set up, register, trade, redeem and liquidate financial and payment companies.

The cryptocurrence boom and the huge increase in the price of bitcoin in the last year and this year then revived the cryptocurrency market. Investors made their way so as not to violate corruption, but they could also do business in cryptocurrencies. Bohuel happened at a time when she decided to live her own official digital life. so she decided to get rid of any competition that could jeopardize this project just a little bit. Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies did not have much supervision, which was certainly a significant factor for getting rid of this market segment.

The cryptocurrents responded to the last steps with a decline, but the decline was not as pronounced as in the spring. wall, however, could have a case from previous days, which flew around the world. Rumors surfaced last week that the largest developer, Evergrande, was in debt, with overdue bonds worth $ 305 billion. A possible collapse of this company would most likely have a negative impact on the global market. In addition, this time she announced that she would not subsidize and save the company. At first, it had a negative impact on the exchange rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. After the company announced an agreement with the creditors and thus drove away the greatest risk of a possible bankruptcy, the trend of its exchange rate was reversed. The restriction was followed by US restrictions, which reduced bitcoin back to $ 42,000.

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Before the abolition of the German restrictions, two bits of bitcoin took place on the stock exchanges. The first day before the restrictions, 952 BTC were withdrawn from the market. This step was then followed in less than an hour before the official restriction was imposed. The neekan selected another 1,366 BTC, which at the time was about $ 58 million in cryptoactive.


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