Number of corona patients in hospital almost doubled in two weeks | Barneveldse Newspaper

BARNEVELD (ANP) Hospitals are currently treating 150 people because of the corona virus, the highest number since July 2. “This increase follows the rapid increase in the number of new infections. It is crucial to contain this wave of contamination, otherwise the number of patients in hospitals could increase rapidly in the coming period, “says Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Acute Care Network.

The number of corona patients in intensive care increased from 30 to 35, the highest number since the end of June. There are now 115 people with the virus on nursing wards. There were 97 on Tuesday. The total rose from 127 to 150 in one day.

The number of corona patients in hospitals has increased by 90 percent in two weeks, Kuipers emphasizes. At the end of July, the hospitals treated a total of 80 people who had been diagnosed with the corona virus.

613 people with other conditions are also in intensive care, 30 more than on Tuesday. This is also the highest number in almost two months.

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