Number of Dutch people in need of food has risen sharply since the summer | inland

The number of people in the Netherlands who can no longer provide for their basic needs has increased considerably since the summer, the Red Cross reports. The aid organization opened giro number 881 on Monday for people who need food aid at home and abroad.

The Red Cross does not know exactly how large the group in need of food is. A spokesperson does say to that dozens of reports have been added in the past two weeks. These are people who have fallen between two stools due to the corona crisis, high inflation and rising costs, the organization sees.

The basic necessities of life consist of food, water and shelter. For thousands of people, these are no longer self-evident, the Red Cross reports. The organization has recently received more and more signals that the “food shortage in the Netherlands is increasing”.

The Red Cross received messages such as “I only have 50 euros left for food for a family of five”, “I don’t eat so that my children can eat” and “my benefit is too high for regular assistance, but due to high health costs, I no longer have money left over for food for myself and my daughter”.

According to the organization, not everyone with problems can go to the food bank. If they have no money for groceries, but earn too much or have too high a benefit, they cannot go there.

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