Health Number of registered coronavirus infections continues to rise sharply...

Number of registered coronavirus infections continues to rise sharply | The Puttenaer

WELLS In the municipality of Putten, a total of 57 infections with the corona virus were detected on Tuesday, September 15, five more than the day before. That number has risen sharply since the end of August and the number of infections is increasing in most surrounding municipalities. The RIVM also warns that the so-called reproduction number has risen further to 1.38. Incidentally, the number of hospital admissions and deaths does not show the same increase.

In the previous weekly corona report from the RIVM, the R-number was 1.17, a week earlier at 1. The reproduction number is an important indicator of the speed at which the virus spreads in the population. It expresses how many others an infected person infects on average. Below 1 the spread dies out over time, above 1 it spreads faster. An “R” of 1.38 means that 100 people carrying the virus are expected to pass it on to 138 people, who in turn will pass it on to 188 others.

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RURAL In the past seven days, 8265 new cases of the corona virus have been reported nationally to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. Last week, that institute reported 5,427 cases, so the number is up more than half.

The number of hospital admissions rose. Nursing units admitted 144 corona patients, up from 89 the week before. The number of admissions to intensive care increased from 19 to 27. The RIVM also reported 27 deaths on Tuesday. Last week’s update reported 17 deaths.

Since the outbreak started in February, the corona virus has been diagnosed in nearly 85,000 people in the Netherlands. 12,315 of them were hospitalized. More than 6200 people have died from the disease.

More than half of all confirmed cases are people from the provinces of North and South Holland. It is still mainly people in their twenties and thirties who contract the virus.


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