Numerus clausus in medicine, Booba-Kaaris trial, tribune against Trump, Japan ...: most of the news this morning

Read in "Libération"
L & # 39; event. The government would consider ending the number of students who can continue after the first year. A late reform for a breathless system. Read here.
The Dakar report (Senegal) has seen its population quadrupled in twenty years, resulting in chaotic urbanization. Faced with the impotence of the authorities, a collective citizen tries to fight against incivility on Twitter. Read here.
Profile The magistrate Fabienne Klein-Donati, 60, reported in January the lack of resources in the second court of France. After spending a total of six years in socialist ministerial cabinets, she returned to practice in 2014, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Our article
The portrait Olly Alexander. Incarnation of the "boy", the British singer of the years and years matures and affirms his desires in a mystico-erotic album. Read here.
In the rest of the news
Government. Deciding to wipe out a calamitous summer and a popularity to the lows, the executive wanted to show Wednesday that he intended to "hold" the course, announcing the presentation of the "poverty" and "hospital" plans in mid-September and keeping institutional reform "at the latest this winter".
Trump. The New York Times released an anonymous tribute by a senior Trump administration official on Wednesday as to why and how he and others are struggling to fight against the President of the States "worst inclinations" United States. This last one immediately denounced a "cowardly" text, stigmatizing the "very dishonest" attitude of the New York daily.
Japan. A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 hit the island of Hokkaido, the northernmost of the main islands of Japan, causing landslides, while the record rose this morning to eight dead and about 40 missing.
To follow today
Booba vs Kaaris. The two rappers spend this Thursday in front of the Créteil court after their clash in Orly on August 1st. Beyond the gangster characters who forged and the old clash between them, they incur prison. Our article
Blues. Position on the field! The Blues Didier Deschamps have just had time to digest their world title that already reigned in competition on Thursday in Munich (20.45) against the Germans swollen to block the League of Nations. Read our article.


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