Health Nurses forced to do the OSS at the Niguarda...

Nurses forced to do the OSS at the Niguarda in Milan. Protest the Fials. –

Tensed male nurse sitting on staircase in hospital

The Milan Nurses are forced to work as Social Health Operators at the “Niguarda” Hospital. Fials protests: “it is enough to offend the dignity of professionals”.

Nurses treated as Social Health Operators and forced to take up deprofessional jobs in Milan. The denounce it FIALS with Pellegrino Coretti. It happens to the noble Niguarda, where there is no respect for the nursing profession.

The letter from Niguarda’s FIALS: no to the demotion of the Nurses.

The undersigned Company Secretariat again points out that in some departments of Asst Niguarda, the nursing staff continues to systematically carry out tasks that are not their own with respect to the professional profile to which they belong.

A “sad” reality if we think about and aim for the enhancement and professional growth of all health professionals – in this case, of Nurses.

Assistance to inpatients change of linen, making of beds, care of personal hygiene, distribution with the meal trolley, collection of dishes, change of diapers, answer to calls, transport to the operating room and diagnostic area and treatments, all activities that could easily be delegated to the figure of the oss, actually carried out by the nurse.

These activities, obviously demeaning for the nursing profession, represent daily life at this company.

The Fials Secretariat asks for the correct use of the various resources – within the scope of its competences.

This situation seriously compromises the essential levels of assistance and safety of health professionals, in consideration of the multiple and specific activities to which they are called to perform.

The aggravating circumstance of this phenomenon is represented by the fact that in addition to being subjected to demotion, the nursing staff cannot carry out the activities of the nurse as these become difficult to manage, considering the insufficient nursing staff and obs.

This becomes a dangerous stressor for the health personnel who unequivocally leads to bornout.

The perennial organic shortage cannot be used as an excuse, nor tolerated as the company holds 2 active rankings – both for nurses and obs.

Given the foregoing, Fials Niguarda wants to sensitize top management to ensure the protection of the right to health of workers as well as the human and professional dignity of these people.

We explicitly ask Ditra to monitor and act for the protection of the profession of these professionals, in relation to the profiles they belong to.

Looking forward to your positive feedback, we send you our best regards.

Fials Asst Niguarda Milan Secretariat
Pellegrino Coretti


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