Nvidia blurs the line between real world and simulation with its “Omniverse”

At its big annual conference, Nvidia presented its latest invention: the Omniverse. A tool that allows us to replicate our world virtually and with unparalleled fidelity.

This Monday, April 12, 2021 was held the opening keynote of the GPU Technology Conference (GTC for close friends), a big annual rally where the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia presents its novelties for the year.

And the least we can say is that the American company did not arrive empty-handed. For more than an hour and a half, Nvidia praised its hardware and software ecosystem supposed to democratize the use of artificial intelligence. From ” Grace », a processor built especially for supercomputers, to a bank of specialized AIs that can be used in business via real-time translation and transcription tools, NVIDIA wants to position itself as a major player in artificial intelligence.

The Omniverse, a hyper realistic simulation

One of the most striking illustrations is the Omiverse, a tool from Nvidia that allows you to virtually recreate real environments in 3D, with settings to mimic real life. From the ground of our factories to our roads, Nvidia promises that its tool will be able to quickly and efficiently simulate the world around us to better analyze and optimize it.

This factory does not exist. It’s a simulation powered by the Nvidia Omniverse // Source: Youtube Nvidia

In the context of a factory production chain, for example, the advantage of such a tool is to carry out tests or simulate changes in the supply chain without disrupting performance ” real “. The Omniverse is also able to simulate the journey of an autonomous car and thus facilitate their arrival on the roads, since they will have in a way “trained” in the simulation.

Productivity leaps of 30%

By recreating hyper-precise 3D models, Nvidia allows all kinds of experiments to be carried out on the world without actually touching it. ” One of the most important aspects of the Omniverse is that it obeys the laws of physics », Explained Jensen Huang, general manager of the company, as if to support the resemblance between the real world and the simulation offered by Nvidia.

BMW, which uses the tool to improve its factories, described the simulation as a “virtual twin” of its factory. The experiments carried out via the Omniverse have enabled the company to improve its performance by 30% in certain aspects. Available for a few months in beta, the Omniverse will be available by subscription ” later in the year ».

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