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Nvidia Corporation reported the second quarter results, which ended July 28th. In the last three months, the revenue of the main GPU developer amounted to almost 2.6 billion dollars, 17% less than in the same period of 2018. At the same time, the company's net profit in the comparison weather fell by half: from $ 1.1 to $ 552 million.


Revenue Nvidia

In recent years, Nvidia has significantly diversified its business, but despite this, the gaming division still generates most of the chipmaker's revenue. In May-July, green earned $ 1.3 billion from sales of GPUs for GeForce video adapters.

The announced amount is 24% more than the previous three months and 27% less than the revenues of the second quarter of last year. However, at that time the rates of many cryptocurrencies were many times higher than now and the "cyberstailer" still continued to buy gaming video cards, although not as violently as six months before.

Revenue Nvidia

Nvidia received $ 291 million from the sale of Quadro and Tesla professional line accelerators. The automotive division achieved revenues of $ 209 million, with a 30% increase in weather comparison, while data center products sold $ 655 million. Revenues in the OEM segment and intellectual property licenses amount to $ 111 million.

The current quarter should become more "productive" for Nvidia: its company expects to complete a turnover of $ 2.9 billion.




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