NVIDIA plans to release 7-nm GPUs next year


Recently, AMD introduced the world's first graphics processor, built with advanced 7nm process technology. NVIDIA does not have a similar GPU yet, but its version is included in its plans. According to the DigiTimes resource, NVIDIA has already signed a contract for the production of future 7nm graphics processors in 2019.

It is reported that Taiwanese TSMC will produce products on 7-nm technology standards for several large customers simultaneously next year. These include Apple, Qualcomm, AMD and, in fact, NVIDIA.

For Apple, TSMC is already producing 7 nm single-chip platforms (SoCs) for smartphones and tablets. In turn, Qualcomm plans to introduce the 7 nm SoC just next year. AMD has already made orders with TSMC for the production not only of its new graphics processors, but also of the Zen 2 central processors.

NVIDIA has worked extensively with TSMC and the current graphics processors Turing, Volta and Pascal are produced on 12, 14 and 16 nm lines of a Taiwanese manufacturer. Unfortunately, there are no details about NVIDIA's future 7 nm graphics processors, but they will not make them wait long. Nonetheless, NVIDIA is not used to lagging behind the competition in the implementation of advanced process technologies. From ourselves, we can only assume that it is very likely that NVIDIA, like AMD, will use for the first time a 7 nm GPU as part of the processing accelerators and only later in the game graphics cards.

Finally, we note that, according to the source, by the end of 2019, TSMC expects to double the number of different products that will be mass produced on the 7 nm process technology. Even Bitmain, Bitcoin's ASIC producer, has started offering products made with 7nm process technology.

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