Nvidia starts rolling out RTX 3080 GeForce Now subscription formula in Europe – Gaming – News

Well, if your video card breaks after 25 months in this chip and crypto mining crisis on the GPU market, exactly outside the legal warranty, then it is now even worse to pay or crumble. This kind of continuous services is also not the most optimal model. Suppose you have a few games a year that are PC-only, say Planet Zoo or something, more and more games on console, even Civilization.

Whatever they are, you’ll want to crush those PC-only games during a longer vacation and the darker months of the year. Say the lighter part of the year is fine with a console. Then you can start counting on console € 500 and half of the year 3080 to € 100. This way you can get by just fine as a seasonal PC gamer on a hardware total of € 1,000 every 5 years. Then when you free up time to play some PC games, you have a pretty high quality.

Of course it’s all about hardware budget, not total game budget. But a new gaming PC for € 2,500 will not yield you € 1,500 after five years. Unfortunately, on average there is a much larger price difference. Plus, having your own gaming PC consumes quite a bit of power in your house during those dark months. Cloud gaming is largely included power, because the smaller part of the consumption is in a cloud gaming receiver and screen.

Finally, in the console+cloud scenario, somewhere in the 5 years I’m counting, you probably already got some better cloud quality, plus a five-year-old console is also available, if it lasts a bit.

Viewed in a shorter term of 2 years: your investments are now so low to get in, that you can buy a gaming PC after 2 years and then buy something better value for money for the same money that you would otherwise have lost completely. As in, during this crisis a 3080 video card of € 1,500 and therefore a total game PC of € 2,500 compared to a December 2023 video card of € 900 and therefore a total game PC of ‘only’ € 1,900. Do you then have a newer platform plus a console of € 500 ‘free’ next to it… difference of two winters of € 50 gaming power costs included

It’s not my passion, but it is economically justifiable, if you can live with not having a gaming PC for years, of course. But even then, it’s still doable, until cloud gaming subscription prices start to skyrocket. Saving is wise. If that is not possible in addition to a game streaming subscription, then you apparently have a maximum of € 200 per year for gaming hardware, but then realistically saving a gaming PC together is almost impossible, let alone at the 3070-3080 level.

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