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The image was compiled based on the observations of the sun.. produced by the Proba-2 satellite.

ESA / Royal Observatory of Belgium

Although mankind has launched more than one apparatus to study the Sun, the poles of the star are still little known. such as he writes The European Space Agency (ESA), although the solar poles can not be seen directly, the probes receive different information about the star, including the observation of the solar atmosphere surrounding its disk (visible light around the main disk of the Sun that extends to the poles). With the help of these data, scientists can conclude about the appearance of the polar regions of the star.

As noted, in order to obtain information on the solar atmosphere in the region of the poles, experts have observed the solar disk for a long time and trying to get at least some information on the upper and lower regions of the star as it rotates. Thus, the information obtained can be combined into an image that shows the appearance of the solar pole.

Recently, ESA has published such an image – which shows the north pole of the sun. As the agencies note, the low latitude observations of the Sun, made by Proba-2, were used to create the image – more precisely, its scientific tool SWAP (The Sun Watcher that uses APS and Image Processing).

Proba-2 (PRoject for OnBoard Autonomy-2) is a small satellite designed for ESA. It was launched in a solar synchronous orbit in the autumn of 2009.



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