Entertainment Occasional players at the Euromillions, two Selestadians win 157...

Occasional players at the Euromillions, two Selestadians win 157 million euros

Illustration of a EuroMillions grid – © M.LIBERT/20 MINUTES

  • A couple residing in Bas-Rhin won the Euromillions jackpot.
  • The FDJ signed them a check for the sum of 157,170,843 euros.
  • In their forties, they explain choosing their numbers at random but always sliding a lucky number into the grid.

They have plenty to see coming. The jackpot of the game Euromillions, that of
September 1st, was won by a couple residing in
Selestat in the Bas-Rhin. In a press release, the FDJ indicates that they have given them exactly the sum of 157,170,843 euros … This is the third gain after that of 169 million won in 2012 and that of 163 million euros in 2011.

The winners are 40-year-olds, regular Loto players, says the FDJ, but they also occasionally play Euromillions, “especially during the big jackpots”. They choose their numbers at random but always dragging a lucky number into the grid: “We always add a date of birth or our street number in the grid”, they confide.

On the night of the draw, the winner checked the numbers just before going to bed. Shocked and incredulous, she woke her companion with a start. “We did not sleep all night. Coincidentally, the couple had watched a movie about Cinderella that same day. “I felt like I was Cinderella, with the hope that it was all real and that the carriage wouldn’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight,” adds the winner.

And now ?

Very altruistic specifies the FDJ, the couple make regular donations. He wants to help his relatives and make the associations take advantage of their chance, especially in favor of underprivileged children. But for now, they want to keep their anonymity.

Travel enthusiasts, they hope to be able to continue to discover the world in the near future. “All the doors are open to us today but the borders are closed,” they joke. While waiting to be able to travel the world, the couple want to enjoy simple pleasures such as buying a new computer device or a nice watch.

This is the fourth Euromillions win in France this year, after those of 17, 18 and 72 million euros, respectively won in the Côtes-d’Armor, on the Internet and in the Gironde.


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