October 12 without institutional campaign or message of unity



From the slogan "Proud to be Spanish" in 2017 – in full tension in Catalonia after the 1-O- absence of an institutional campaign in the media for the National Holiday Day. Advertising savings or political strategy?

This is the great aesthetic change that the first festival of 12 October under the presidency of Pedro Sanchez will bring this year. The day counts, yes, with a military parade similar to last year's edition: 4,000 soldiers, 88 aircraft and 152 vehicles with the Plaza de Lima in Madrid (next to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium) as a reference point.

The box of authorities presided over by their Majesty the Kings will be placed. The parade will start at 11 am and will run between Plaza de Cuzco and San Juan de la Cruz square (two kilometers).

The Ministry of Defense has chosen this year to do two videos of their own production (usually commissions the institutional campaign to a producer) and distribute it only in social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook …) that the department led by Margarita Robles and the various armies manage. The only motto that can be seen in the videos is the neutral «National Holiday Day. October 12, 2018».

Without an EMAD press conference

In addition to not "warming up" National Day in the media, the explanatory press conference on behalf of the Defense General Staff on the same military parade he conducted was lost. This last has been something habitual in recent years for this day indicated and for the Day of the Armed Forces, which is celebrated at the end of May. "This year has been considered that it is not necessary to hold a press conference" military sources explain to ABC.

«This year it was felt that it was not necessary to hold the press conference»

Beyond the previous communication strategy at the Day of the National Holiday (or save?), this edition will have two ephemeris to which the military parade will pay tribute: the 175th anniversary of the National Flag after the Isabel II Decree (six historical flags will be presented) and the 30th anniversary of the incorporation of women into the Armed Forces.

"The presence of women in the army will be particularly visible, improving their participation in the parade, as a tribute," the Defense Ministry said yesterday.

For the first time, the military parade will have a motorized pace with Civil Protection and Maritime Rescue troops. "A sample of thematic patrols will also be displayed with support vehicles similar to those that have been deployed in operational areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq," he explains.

€ 624,268 total cost

According to the information revealed by the Defense Staff to the Ministry of Defense, the estimated cost of the parade is 423,729 euros, to which we must add another 200,539 of the cost of grandstands and stands (624,268 euros). In 2017, it cost € 670,000, not counting the advertising campaign that existed.

After the military parade, the kings will offer traditional reception in the Royal Palace to representatives of the various sectors of Spanish society in which Pablo Casado will be premiered as president of the Popular Party and almost all members of the new government.


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