October 13 is shaping up to be the date of the iPhone 12 keynote

On October 13 it begins to gain strength as the day we will see the new iPhone 12. After the presentation of the new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, iPad 8 and iPad Air 4, all eyes have been on next month. At least one more keynote is expected in which we see these devices, with the possibility that in November there will be an additional one with the new Mac Apple Silicon. Let’s see how the event landscape is looking and what is known so far.

IPhone 12 event for October 13, 2020

After a keynote that barely lasted 64 minutes on the 15th, it is clear that Apple still has a lot to teach us. Before the year is outWe expect at least one presentation that includes the new iPhone 12 (and a braided Lightning cable), as well as other devices. The question we ask ourselves is what will be the chosen day.

Yesterday we had a couple of clues about it, from two different telephone operators

  • The CEO of EE’s parent company in the United Kingdom assured that the iPhone with 5G is “days” away from being unveiled.
  • An alleged employee of a Dutch operator told AppleInsider that the date of the event would be October 13.

Jon Prosser, leaker of some Apple secrets with questionable accuracy, also reminds us that that day fits his dates. Specific, with week 42 that starts on October 12 and that unveiled last August:

He youtuber He also adds that on the 16th the iPhone 12 reservations will be opened and on the 23rd they would arrive your first units together with the sale in shop. That day spacing matches what Apple typically does. Although as we know, this 2020 is anything but “usual”.

September, October and November presentations

AirPods Studio

The list of products expected before the end of the year is quite long. In addition to the four iPhone 12 models, we have AirTag in the pools, the AirPods Studio, a HomePod mini, the sixth generation Apple TV. Not forgetting the first Mac with an Apple Silicon chip. Maybe even iPad Pro with a version more powerful A14 processor.

The cycle of pending renewals and new products accumulate. And condense them all into a 60 or 80 minute keynote it may be too much. Hence, there is speculation with another additional presentation in November and that it revolves around the Macs and possible iPad Pro.

Apple has been removed from in the middle the entry and mid-range iPad. And also to the Apple Watch. So that the other half of the four major categories is missing of apple products, as well as minor accessories of the ecosystem. We have a busy few months ahead.

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