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From the Ministry of Public Health they remember what the health requirements are to enter Paraguay in reference to the coronavirus pandemic and the arrival of foreigners due to the development of the South American Games. Among the main requirements is the vaccination certificate against covid-19. All other requirements are detailed in the following note.

Attending the arrival of foreigners for the games Odesurfrom Public Health they reiterate the requirements that must be met by people who wish to enter Paraguay, among which the presentation of a certificate of vaccination against the coronavirus with a “complete and updated scheme” or otherwise, a test PCR with negative result no more than 72 hours.

The requirement of the vaccination schedule is for all travelers over 12 years old of age, regardless of the nationality or origin of your trip.

Likewise, it is also required have a vaccination certificate against yellow feverboth for the entry and exit of Paraguay of nationals or foreigners.

Summary of health requirements to enter Paraguay

Vaccination certificate:

  • Upon arrival in the country, from the age of 12, they must present:
  • Vaccination certificate – primary schedule (one dose or two, depending on the type of vaccine).

If the person does not have a vaccination certificate:

  • SARS-CoV2 test of RNA detection techniques: RT-PCR; LAMP; NAAT, resulting in a negative resultcarried out in a time not exceeding 72 hours from the shipment -the antigen test is not accepted, they detail-.
  • People who already had COVID-19: All those people who have suffered from the disease, 10 to 90 days Prior to entering the country, they must prove said situation, through laboratory results, by one of these RNA detection techniques: RT-PCR; LAMP; NAAT or antigen test.
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International certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever:

  • The requirement of the international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory to authorize the entry and exit of the country of nationals and foreigners, towards the risk areas in Bolivia, Brazil, Peru y Venezuela.
  • According to international health regulations, “the Yellow Fever vaccine requires 10 days to confer protection.”

On the other hand, people who for reasons related to health cannot receive the vaccination, must justify this through a certificate issued byr registered medical professional authorized by the health authority of the country of origin.

In addition, monitoring and sanitary control must be complied with for a period of ten days since entering the country.

Measles vaccination certificate

Finally, if you are going to travel or come from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Antigua and Barbudait is recommended to have vaccination against measles.

The application of the measles vaccine must be carried out at least 15 days before the trip.

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