[Odpolední zprávy] • Bitcoin fell to $ 55,000 and continues to fall • and other articles

We bring you a brief overview of the most important things that happened during the past day in the cryptoworld.


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Scaramoucci: Ethereum will be a store of value

Skybridge Capital chief and former White House spokesman Anthony Scaramucci said Ethereum (ETH) would become a store of value. In an interview with CNBC, Scaramucci said that as an institutional investor, he focuses mainly on bitcoins (BTC), but in the future he sees that big things are happening at Etherea as well. Scaramucci further spreads the idea of ​​having a fund focused on Ethereum and assumes that the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization could eventually become a store of value. “Could we have a fund for Ethereum in the future? Yes, we certainly could. ” You can listen to more information in the attached video. [2a]

Kimchi premium in South Korea fell to lows

The price of Bitcoin on the South Korean stock exchanges normalized after a very high 20% premium, when the price of bitcoins exploded to more than $ 70,000, but only in South Korea, thanks to the so-called Kimchi premium. However, it has fallen significantly over the last few hours, which could, at least according to historical data, lead to a fall in BTC. A newer chart from CryptoQuant highlighted a “significant” drop in the Kimchi premium. The price of bitcoins on South Korean stock exchanges and other trading venues subsequently fell sharply and is now hovering around $ 56,000 everywhere. [2b]

Ripple has won a lawsuit over the SEC’s access to Bitcoin and Ether ratings

Ripple Labs has won a lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to make available documents related to the SEC’s internal discussions on Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurrencies. Judge Sarah Netburn’s latest decision may be a significant legal development for Ripple as it seeks to strengthen its defense in the ongoing the SEC is in dispute, which has been going on since December last December against Ripple for its alleged sale of XRP as unregistered securities. The focal point of the proceedings is whether the transactions involving XRP – the native cryptocurrency for the Ripple platform – constitute “investment contracts” and thus securities subject to registration under the Securities Act of 1933. [2c]


Playboy converts his iconic posters to NFT

The iconic Playboy Lifestyle and Entertainment magazine announced today that it will launch digital collectibles in the form of unmistakable blockchain-based tokens (NFTs) through a partnership with the Nifty Gateway, owned by the Winklevoss brothers. Playboy – which stopped publishing printed publications in 2020 – plans to immerse itself in its 67-year archive of classical photography and artwork, as well as collaborate with modern artists on fresh creations that will be sold as cryptographic collectibles. The brand also intends to offer grants to “support budding and under-represented artists entering the NFT art community,” the report said. [3a]

Regulation, CBDC

The Swedish Central Bank has completed the first phase of the CBDC pilot test

Following the completion of the first phase of the central bank’s digital currency pilot project, the Sveriges Riksbank has identified some key issues that need to be addressed before Swedish residents can purchase via e-koruna. In a recent study, the Swedish central bank presented the first results of its pilot project for the central bank’s digital currency in a network based on R3’s Corda blockchain. The Riksbank simulated key aspects of the potential CBDC system, including liquidity supplies through the Riksbank RIX settlement system and network members serving as distributors of electronic crowns. The central bank also simulated participants, end users and payment instruments such as mobile applications. The Riksbank said the new CBDC technology requires further research, with scalability being the main obstacle. [5a]

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