OEZ attack in Munich: It was right-wing terror


OEZ stop in Munich

For three years was the ninefold murder of the Olympia shopping center as “rampage”. Now the final report has been submitted.

Pistol against a neutral background. The murder weapon of David S., a Glock 17 pistol.

The murder weapon of David S., a Glock 17 pistol Photo: Sven Hoppe / dpa / picture alliance

MUNICH taz | On the very day of the act, David S. put a file on his computer called “I'm going to wipe out every German Turk no matter who.”. He described the inhabitants of his district as “foreign subhumans” with mostly “Turkish-Balkan roots” and “cockroaches”. And during a psychotherapy he should have shown the Hitler salute and painted swastikas.

On July 22, 2016 S. moved and murdered at the Munich Olympia shopping center nine people with a migrant background, five others were injured. In the end, he shot himself. When motivated to the right, the Bavarian state government did not want to accept the crime.

Certainly, the 18-year-old had a right-wing extremist mindset, but for their act was not decisive, this was not politically motivated. The main motive for the “killing spree” was revenge for years of bullying. Several reviewers saw it differently. According to them, the act was a carefully planned, right-wing hate crime, a terrorist attack.

The classification of the assassination also plays a significant role in the crime statistics: Of course, nine or more murders also have a significant impact on the assessment of the general threat from the right. Above all, the Greens and the SPD in the Bavarian state parliament repeatedly drew attention to the fact that the attack must be classified as “politically motivated violent crime on the right”.

Viola Schmidt, Amadeu Antonio Foundation

“The danger of acting alone, extreme right-wing assassins who radicalize in online forums and are oriented to international right-wing terrorists, would have been recognized much earlier”

More than three years after the attack, this has happened. Bavaria's Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann has now submitted a final report to the Bavarian State Parliament on the recent completed investigations and evaluations of the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation. The now graded as a politically motivated act is “in acknowledgment of all circumstances in the overall review logically,” said Herrmann by press release – not without adding restrictive: “Even if the investigation has brought a whole bunch of motives to light, the culprit had no doubt racist motives. “

Tracking to the USA

Also of a “disastrous combination of different causes,” says Herrmann. The perpetrators, whose Iranian parents were refugees, had personal bullying experiences played by classmates with German, German-Turkish, Polish, Serbian and Bosnian-Herzegovinian nationality in the school just as important as “massive personal disorders and serious social deficiencies” , This resulted in a hatred of Turks and a certain identification with right-wing assassins such as the Norwegian Anders Breivik.

Herrmann's conclusion: “Of course, we must and will vigorously fight any approach of right-wing extremism. But we also have to keep an eye out for bullying and massive psychological problems. This, too, can develop into a danger to others. “According to Herrmann, the investigations were extremely complex and could therefore only recently be completed. Traces have been traced to the USA.

The opposition is relieved that there has been a change in the assessment of the investigators. “The classification of the terrible OEZ assassination as political crime from the right was overdue,” says opposition leader Katharina Schulze of the Greens. It was “right and important to show the dimension of right-wing terrorism in Bavaria and tackle its fight more consistently”. Even with the relatives of the victims so a long-gaping wound would be closed.

The same is true of Florian Ritter, the spokesman on the fight against right-wing terrorism of the SPD parliamentary group: “It was high time to recognize this act of a right-wing radical as such. That the state government has needed so long for this realization, however, is not exactly conducive to the fight against right-wing radicalism. “In the past, the state government was often blind in the right eye. “It remains to be hoped that the danger of terror from the right now finally taken seriously.”

Viola Schmidt, spokeswoman for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, also sees parallels to the assassination attempt by Halle: “The danger of acting alone, right-wing extremists who radicalize in online forums and orientate themselves on international right-wing terrorists, would have been recognized much earlier “She says in a statement from the foundation. The decision of the Bavarian authority would hope that “in the confrontation with right-wing extremism a rethinking” would have set in and the “threat situation in the future would be more realistic”.

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