of employees had unlimited access to your Messenger conversations!

Over a billion people around the world use Marketplace on Facebook to buy or sell second-hand items. We learn today, via the investigations of the independent American site ProPublica, that the employees of a company outside Facebook had until recently unlimited access to the Messenger conversations of all users of the social network service.

These employees, who work in the United States, Ireland, India and Singapore, belong to the company Accenture, hired by Facebook to manage the Marketplace platform. A spokesperson confirms and indicates that access has “recently been limited to messages exchanged on the Marketplace”.

The primary purpose of this unlimited access to messages was to prevent all fraud attempts. However, it very quickly went wrong and was used to commit user privacy breaches.

According to ProPublica, 400 people work at Accenture. However, we do not know the number of employees assigned to Marketplace.


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