of expected to replace the Oise in the army: Rossiyskaya Gazeta


The photos of the exclusive Scorpion-2M off-road vehicle have appeared on the Internet, intended to replace the UAZ vehicles available in the Russian army. However, the machine did not enter the series, although in the special forces units the samples purchased for experimental-military operations are still actively used.

The "Scorpion" off-road machines have been developed and produced by CJSC "Protection Corporation". In 2011, machine prototypes were tested in practice and the requirements for the finished model were formed based on the resulting indicators. So there were three versions of light assault cars.

The pioneer of this line was the Scorpion-2M model, which was shown to the public at the Rover 2013 fair. The company had huge plans, but, unfortunately, they all depended on the Ministry of Defense, and he had his vision. Since the relationship with the main client did not develop, the entire program was closed ", writes the browser editorial" Uazbuka ".

All three versions of Scorpion – armored ("LSHA-2B"), awning for special forces ("LSHA-1") and tentovanny with hard top ("LSHA-2") – have passed state tests and entered in the & # 39; army. Cars with a "2M" index were scheduled to be delivered to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other power structures.

In the basic configuration, when the vehicle is intended for the transport of personnel, there are six paratroopers in the rear, for which the anti-mine seats are installed. In the cockpit are the driver and the commander. On the "Scorpion" you can install the turret with a large caliber "Kord" or "Pecheneg" machine gun, as well as the "Flame" grenade launcher. In this case, the number of landing places was reduced to four, as the remaining seats were filled with ammunition. In total, the Scorpion 2M can carry 1085 kilograms of payload.

The car received fifth-class protection, ie from the usual 7.62x54R rifle cartridge, and a mine tray capable of withstanding an explosion of up to two pounds of explosive.

Under the bonnet, the Scorpion 2M has a diesel Andorra turbo 4-stroke diesel engine. The car is capable of developing speeds of up to 130 kilometers on the highway, up to 80 off-road vehicles. The developers have installed two seventy-liter fuel tanks in the automobile, which are enough for 1,000 kilometres.



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