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"China" is advancing on all fronts, having succeeded in giving European motorists what they wanted.

On the YouTube channel of Honest Test Drive, a car expert reviewed the new Geely Atlas, comparing it with another popular Chinese model, Haval F7. Moreover, the competitive advantage has remained with the Geely Atlas: both at a better price and a completely European comfortable car for the family and the journey, the blogger noted.

By creating a new Atlas, the manufacturer brought together not only a team of Chinese engineers. Also attracted were Japanese, American and European.

Geely Atlas can already be defined as medium-sized, since it is significantly larger than the same "Qashqai" or "Sportage". Initially, the front wheel drive crossover, however, there are four-wheel drive options through the Haldeks coupling. MacPherson front suspension, multi-link rear. Under the bonnet, 1.8- "Turbo" with phase variators and direct injection.

The interior of the new Atlas is spacious and, in terms of comfort, adjustments and a full range of options, it "draws on the premium", but the trunk is frankly small, though if you're not going to "block it "with things, it is quite spacious. The dynamics of the car is excellent, manageable too. In Shumka, the Atlas is slightly lower than Haval F7.

Regarding the problem of the reliability of Geely Atlas cars, it is worth paying attention to the fact that such cars already exist with a safe mileage of over 200,000 km. However, the direct owners of the observed model were not afraid to leave for a trip to Turkey and back from Belarus, only to take the car from the passenger compartment. And no accident happened.

On average, the cost of the new Geely Atlas in the high-end trim levels, which makes the car extremely comfortable, is around 1.6-1.7 million rubles. If it seems because it is so expensive for "China", it is worth remembering that the Chinese have long understood that they can only sell high-quality cars to Europeans, or motorists for the same price or even less will buy "Europeans" or "Japanese" with mileage. Moreover, to achieve a quality car with cheap materials and components does not work.

Sasha Sedova

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