Of the various variants, which is the best vitamin D?

Merdeka.com – There are many ways to support health to avoid the COVID-19 virus. One of them is by consuming vitamins recommended by doctors, namely Vitamins C and D. For vitamin D supplements themselves, they are divided into various forms, such as tablets, capsules, and softgels that can be an option for consumers.

Although it is available in various forms, Henry Suhendra, an orthopedic specialist, asked the public not to worry about the existing forms of vitamin D supplements.

“As for the shape, it’s an obsession. Some say that vitamin D will dissolve in fat, so it has to be in softgel form. The other (forms of vitamin D) are not that good,” Henry said when participating in the webinar “Let it be Safe to Boost Immunity.” with Vitamin D” as reported by Liputan6.com

However, according to Henry, this assumption is wrong because every vitamin producer must have gone through a long process in its manufacture and has obtained a permit for the manufacturing process as stipulated by the drug regulatory authorities, such as the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) in Indonesia and there is also the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). in the United States.

“Yes, it’s wrong, they, the manufacturer has FDA approval. So, we shouldn’t be too stupid or smart to say, ‘How is the absorption going?’ Henry explained.

“We’re already dizzy with all the existing affairs. If I think like this, ‘You want vitamin D in the form of softgels, capsules, tablets, it’s been FDA Approval. It’s been controlled by the FDA and of course through tests too.”

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Meanwhile, regarding vitamin D, a dietitian, Melissa Rifkin said that vitamin D supports the immune system. In addition, vitamin C and antioxidants are also often associated with immunity. Vitamin D can be a benefit for people who lack calcium levels in the blood. But keep in mind, if it’s excessive (consumption of vitamin D) of course it will also give other side effects.

“The important role of vitamin D is to help the body absorb calcium. If consumed in excess, vitamin D can command the body to absorb calcium in excess. As a result, it causes hypercalcemia or high blood calcium levels,” said Rifkin.

Therefore, in consuming anything, it should not be excessive or just as necessary. And to find out your nutritional needs and other health support, you can consult a doctor for advice or the best solution.

Source: Liputan6.com
Reporter: Fitri Haryanti Harsono [ttm]


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