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The fourth turn of the for the three million households benefited by the Government and we bring you all the data regarding the fifth payment, which will be delivered in September. What to do if I have trouble getting paid? How do I know if I can already collect the money order? The director of , Susana Correa, announced that this new line of business will continue to support more than 2,600,000 families. We hope the note is useful to you.

Solidarity Income 160,000 pesos: what do I do if I did not receive the subsidy through the DPS and how do I collect the money

Solidarity Income 160 thousand Colombian pesos: how to collect money through Social Prosperity

“We are taking all the necessary measures so that the beneficiaries of our programs can receive ordinary and extraordinary money transfers in the midst of this Covid-19 emergency, and that they can count on the resources available by the national government to mitigate the effects of this pandemic. has brought in Colombian households with the greatest needs”Said the entity’s director, Susana Correa Borrero.

And he added, “That is why we are extending the times to claim the resources and making staggered payments so that they can comply with the mobility and biosecurity measures of the municipalities”.

See if you are a beneficiary

In order to know if you are one of the beneficiaries of this subsidy, the first thing you should do is enter the official platform of the -make To access-. On the web you can check if you are a beneficiary and if your transfers are in process.

When you enter the page it is important that you have your ID at hand. At the top right you will find a button that takes you to a form in which you must enter identification number, Name, last name, document issue date and your cellphone. The screen will show if you are a beneficiary.

I did not receive the Solidarity Income: what to do?

The director of the DPS, Susana Correa, pointed out that there are still 400 thousand people who have not received even the first payment of the Solidarity Income and that new strategies will be implemented to reach these beneficiaries.

“These people that we haven’t found are going to have their first, second and third turn resources. We hope that in this room we will evolve and we can find many of its”Correa noted.

Solidarity Income 160 thousand: how to make the August transfer payment via Social Prosperity

DPS Solidarity Income: what to do if it does not reach me at this time

In the event that your payment is rejected or your data is not found in the database of the Davivienda BankDon’t worry, it would only be due to a process of the financial institution to update its data after the change of entity in charge of the Solidarity Income.

Can I change the entity to collect the bonus?

If you have reported inconveniences for the collection in your entity and you have requested the change to another, the DPS will communicate with the beneficiary who has requested a change in the payment method to validate data and avoid impersonation. It was also reported that the unbanked who have this problem They will be contacted by text message through the entity to indicate the form of payment.

“Social Prosperity will contact the telephone number registered by the beneficiary and will indicate the steps to follow for the validation of identity and delivery of the solidarity income”, indicated the DPS.

Solidarity Income: how to collect subsidy?

The banking entities in which you can collect the DNP Solidarity Income are as follows:

  • nequî
  • Daviplata
  • Movie
  • Savings at hand
  • agrarian Bank
  • Bancolombia




They reveal that 20% of COVID-19 patients do not have home isolation. (Source: América TV)

They reveal that 20% of COVID-19 patients do not have home isolation. (Source: América TV)


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