Off Side: Link Income Solidario 160,000 pesos today: how do I collect money

As of July 31, the fourth installment of the Solidarity Income of 160,000 pesos, amount given to the families most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. If the payment for the month has not yet arrived or you have problems collecting it, the information will be supportive. So far, the Government, chaired by Iván Duque, has made an investment of 1.5 billion pesos and will reach more than 4.5 billion by the end of the year in order to help those most in need. The director of Department of Social Prosperity, Susana Correa, announced that this new turn will continue to help more than 2,600,000 families affected by the coronavirus.

“Income Solidario will be with us at least until June 2021. With the VAT Refund, Familias en Acción, Jóvenes en Acción, Colombia Mayor, we are reaching the universality of the vulnerable population, equity and social justice with basic income”said the president.

Solidarity Income: how to collect subsidy?

The banking entities in which you can collect the DNP Solidarity Income are as follows:

  • nequî
  • Daviplata
  • Movie
  • Savings at hand
  • agrarian Bank
  • Bancolombia

See if you are a beneficiary

In order to know if you are one of the beneficiaries of this subsidy, the first thing you should do is enter the official platform of the National Planning Department (DNP) -make click here To access-. On the web you can check if you are a beneficiary and if your money transfers are in process.

When you enter the page it is important that you have your ID at hand. At the top right you will find a button that takes you to a form in which you must enter identification number, Name, last name, document issue date and your cellphone. The screen will show if you are a beneficiary.

The only requirement to be part of the Solidarity Income It means not being part of other social programs such as Familias en Acción, Jóvenes en Acción and VAT refund. Income families were chosen from different databases of Sisbén, DPS, MinTrabajo, MinSalud and MinHacienda.

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I did not receive the Solidarity Income: what to do?

The director of the DPS, Susana Correa, pointed out that there are still 400 thousand people who have not yet received the first payment of the Solidarity Income and that new strategies will be implemented to reach these beneficiaries.

“These people we haven’t found are going to have their first, second and third turn resources. We hope that in this room we will evolve and we can find many of its”Correa noted.

For her part, the head of the regional management office of the DPS, Brasilia Romero Sinisterra, said that to locate this population there will be a campaign led by mayors, representatives, community action boards, social leaders and mothers of the Familias en Acción program to organize search brigades and they will be given guidance so that they can do so. can receive through the established mechanisms.

More about the fourth turn of the Bonus

President Ivan Duque He said that the Solidarity Income program runs until June 2021. In this way, a total aid of 480,000 Colombian pesos has already been completed to the most vulnerable families in the country. The four transfers (until July) for housing, as detailed by the president, would serve to give a boost to the economy.

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The fourth draft has been received since the second week of July and lasted until the last days of the mentioned month.



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