Sport Off Side: Viral Challenge Today - You have a...

Off Side: Viral Challenge Today – You have a minute to find the ten differences and

When a challenge appears on the networks, users go crazy for days. Even more so in these times of quarantine due to the pandemic of the new . These challenges, which tend to be a trend in and , help us to entertain ourselves and exercise our mind today. So much confinement and few meetings between friends or family can be counterproductive; however, we bring you a challenge so you can try to overcome it and share it with your friends. Are you ready?

Viral challenge: find the real dog that is hidden among the dog statues

Can you find the swordfish and puffer fish in the image? The viral challenge that few overcome

This new viral challenge is extremely complex, almost “God level”. And is that challenges users to discover ten differences between two images that you only have a minute (or less) to get it. Will you be able to do it?


The images show a lively park with people enjoying the outdoors. All doing something different from the rest. You have the mission to find the differences in 60 seconds.

This challenge was developed by Watches2U, which launched it in honor of the last month of summer (in U.S). For some time now, many entities, organizations or even individuals have created virtual challenges to share on the networks so that Internet users do not feel so alone in such complex times.

Pay close attention to the picture – you need to find the ten differences.


If you are one of the people who made it to this paragraph, then it is because you could not overcome the challenge. But don’t worry and don’t be sad either. And it is that, as we mentioned lines back, this is one of the most difficult challenges on the internet. We understand you, since we also had a hard time getting the answers. Therefore, we will show you the solution below.

This is the solution to the challenge.
This is the solution to the challenge.



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Brazil: police direct traffic with fun dance 08/09/2020



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