Offers are not the most generous

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Faced with the strike mandates voted by thousands of early childhood educators in recent days, the Minister of Families, Mathieu Lacombe, defended the government’s proposal during the question period in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

“The offers that are on the table are the most generous offers in the history of negotiations with childcare centers and daycares,” he declared.

The minister’s office made it clear that this is the most generous offer since 2009 following the massive unionization of the network. The other previous increases had been decreed by the government.


Minister Lacombe is wrong. The government is offering a 12% salary increase over three years, and a 5% bonus to encourage educators to work full time, for a total of up to 17%.

In May 1999, the PQ government signed a much more generous agreement by offering a salary catch up to 35% over four years. Early childhood educators, who were at the first salary step, went from $ 10.79 per hour in 1999 to $ 13.86 per hour in 2003, an increase of $ 3.07 . The current offer would increase the salary of this same educator from $ 18.98 to $ 21.33, or $ 2.35 more. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the value of the dollar in 1999 was much lower. The $ 3.07 in 1999 would be worth $ 4.69 today.

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– Marie Christine Trottier

Numbers of the week: 6176

This is the number of Canadian voters who voted for the Rhinoceros party in the federal election, as of Friday noon.

This is a decrease of 3,362 from the 2019 election, in which 9,538 people voted for the party that “has always sought to make Canadians laugh by laughing at politicians,” we read on the political party’s website.

In Quebec, 3,967 people, or 0.1% of Quebec voters, decided to vote for the party led by Sébastien CoRhino Côrriveau. He thus arrives in front of the party For the independence of Quebec, which collected 2,962 votes in the province.

– Charles Mathieu

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