Official! 6 Ormas Report Urged Made Darmawati to the Police for Insulting Hinduism

Viral, a woman wearing a headscarf, Desak, Made Darmawati, is suspected of committing blasphemy of Hinduism.

The six mass organizations are Persada Nusantara, KMHDI Bali, Prajaniti Bali, Peradah Indonesia Bali, Persadha Nusantara Bali, and Paiketan Krama Bali. – Made Darmawati urged officially reported to the police by 6 mass organizations. They are the Dharma Enforcement Advocacy Team.

The six mass organizations are Persada Nusantara, KMHDI Bali, Prajaniti Bali, Peradah Indonesia Bali, Persadha Nusantara Bali, and Paiketan Krama Bali.

They reported Urging Made Darmawati for the Bali Police Integrated Service Center (SPKT), Monday (19/4/2021).

The arrival of the Dharma Enforcement Advocacy Team to report Urgent Made Darmawati, who went viral due to the video of her lecture, was deemed insulting and insulting Hinduism.

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In the video distributed by Istiqomah TV’s YouTube account, Desak Made Darmawati, one of them said that in Hinduism many Gods are worshiped.

The arrival of the advocacy team at around 14.30 WITA was led by Gede Suardana with a group of approximately 10 people.

Gede Suardana said that after being at the SPKT office and being taken to the Bali Regional Police’s Ditreskrimsus building, their reports were received in the form of Public Complaints (Dumas).

Made Darmawati urged to apologize. (Ministry of Religion)

“Yes, our report has been received in the form of Dumas. Our advocacy team for Dharma enforcement reported the Istiqomah TV account that distributed tausiah video content from Desak Made Dharmawati which allegedly contained elements of blasphemy and blasphemy of the Hindu religion,” he said.

A number of evidences have been brought in the report.

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Among them is a CD containing a video lecture by Desak Made Darmawati.

The video was taken from Istiqomah TV’s YouTube YouTube account, which distributed the first video lecture by Desak Made Darmawati which contained elements of blasphemy and desecration of Hinduism.

I’m sorry already

Made Darmawati urged her to apologize for insulting Balinese Hinduism, Saturday (17/4/2021) night. Ustazah hina Hindu, Desak Made Darmawati is a lecturer at a private university in DKI Jakarta.

Made Darmawati urged her to come to the Mustika Dharma Temple complex, Cijantung, East Jakarta. Made Darmawati urged to apologize witnessed by the Director General of Hindu Community Guidance at the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) Tri Handoko Seto, General Chairperson of Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Wisnu Bawa Tenaya, Chancellor Uhamka Gunawan Suryoputro, as well as representatives from the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (PMK).

“After paying attention to input, suggestions and criticism from various parties, I fully acknowledge and humbly acknowledge and realize that my statements have hurt the community or Hindus and Hindu leaders as well as the harmonious lives of religious people in our society. Therefore, with humility I would like to apologize to all Hindu communities or Hindus and Hindu religious leaders as well as all Indonesian people, ”said Made Darmawati, as reported by the website of the Indonesian Ministry of Aganma.

A video containing a lecture by Made Darmawati which is considered insulting Hinduism has spread on various social media platforms in the last few days.

Urges Made Darmawati to apologize (Ministry of Religion)

In the video, Made Darmawati, among other things, tells of his experiences when he embraced Hinduism, several years ago.

Despite triggering a polemic, the entrepreneurship lecturer admitted that he did not intend to insult or demean Hindu teachings.

“I do not intend and have no intention of insulting and making fun of Hinduism and Hindu society or people. This was due solely to his weakness and negligence, ”he admitted.

For his lecture which was considered to contain blasphemy, Made Darmawati stated that he was ready to take responsibility, including the legal consequences.

However, he really hopes that the Hindu and Indonesian communities can accept his apology.

In addition, he hopes that this problem can be resolved amicably.

“This apology without any coercion from any party and this incident has made me aware not to repeat it again and become a lesson,” explained Made Darmawati.

PHDI General Chairperson Wisnu Bawa Tenaya said that his party wholeheartedly accepted the apologies from Made Darmawati.

He hopes that the case experienced by Made Darmawati can be a valuable lesson, especially in maintaining thoughts, words and actions.

“Let’s also respect each other. We are also committed if it is a publicity problem, then we will immediately solve it in a good way, “he said.

According to Wisnu, with mutual respect and respect for differences, religious moderation which is now a joint movement to strengthen national harmony can be realized.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Hindu Community Guidance at the Ministry of Religion, Tri Handoko Seto, welcomed Made Darmawati’s steps to be willing to apologize to the leaders and all Hindus for the content of her lecture which was deemed to contain blasphemy.

He also hopes that Hindus will resolve this issue both carefully and in a dignified manner.

Tri Handoko emphasized that this apology step could be a momentum for religious communities in Indonesia to strengthen tolerance and respect for differences.

With this capital, religious moderation as a commitment and priority program of the Minister of Religion, Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, will be well realized. He also hopes that Made Darmawati’s apology will be a consideration in resolving the legal route of this case.

“I really hope of course we all have an obligation to forgive each other. Especially in relations between religious communities, we must maintain harmony so that this does not drag on in the future, disturbing our activities, taking up a lot of our resources, and worse causing divisions between religious communities, “he said.

“We have to maintain harmony. If there are components of our ummah who want to carry out the legal process, please keep it carried out in accordance with applicable legal principles, without the need for hateful prejudice,” he concluded.


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