City of Buenos Aires, 12/29/2020

HAVING SEEN File No. 176/20 / INAMU, Law No. 26,801, Resolution No. 123/19 / INAMU, Resolution No. 124/19 / INAMU, Resolution No. 128/19 / INAMU, Resolution No. 241/20 / INAMU, Resolution No. 244/20 / INAMU, Resolution No. 266/20 / INAMU and;


That by Law 26,801 the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MUSIC is created.

That article 6 subsection a) of the aforementioned law establishes among the functions of the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE LA MÚSICA, that of promoting, fostering and stimulating musical activity throughout the territory of the Argentine Republic, granting the benefits provided by law

That Law 26,801 in its article 9 subsection g) establishes among the functions and competences of the Board of Directors, that of executing the promotion measures aimed at developing the musical activity, in its cultural, artistic, technical, industrial and commercial aspects, being able to such effect sponsoring contests, establishing prizes, awarding scholarships for study and research and using all other means necessary for this purpose.

That article 2 section 6 of Resolution 123/2019 / INAMU defines as one of the measures to promote musical activity, the granting of subsidies, credits and production vouchers established in Law 26,801.

That article 26 of Resolution 123/2019 / INAMU provides for the existence of a Regional Council of Musicians, made up of the Regional Coordinator and the representatives of the Regional Organizations of Musicians, in charge of evaluating the projects that are presented in the calls.

That the Board of Directors, within the framework of the powers assigned by Law 26,801, deemed it appropriate to carry out the call of a productive and supportive nature which was issued by Resolution 244/20 / INAMU.

That in article 14 of the Terms and Conditions of the Call for productive and solidarity development 2020, it was established that the beneficiaries must “inform the INAMU, within the non-extendable period of 7 calendar days to be computed from the publication in the Official Gazette and on the INAMU website, the corresponding data for the purposes of making the payment of subsidies effective. Once the term has expired, the benefit will be deemed to have fallen and the alternate will take his place.

That the beneficiaries of the subsidies have been declared by Resolution 266/20 / INAMU, which has been published in the Official Gazette and communicated to the beneficiaries.

That situations have been observed by the beneficiaries, such as failing to report the data of the bank accounts within the stipulated deadlines.

That said situations were expressly contemplated in the bases and conditions of Resolution 244/20 / INAMU, and it was established as a penalty to consider the non-compliant subsidy as declined in order for an alternate beneficiary to take its place, in the event that it existed .

That, for this reason, it is appropriate to issue a Resolution declaring the subsidies of those who fail to comply with the obligations established in the bases and conditions of the Call for productive and solidarity development 2020 as declining.

That, where appropriate, persons acting as alternates must be declared as beneficiaries according to the order of priority established in the minutes issued by the Regional Councils.

That by means of Resolution 128/19 / INAMU, an instruction manual has been established for the rendering of subsidies and / or financial aid applicable to this call.

That the Legal Technical Affairs Area, the Administration Area and the Development Area have intervened in this regard.

That the power to dictate the present arises from Law 26,801.




ARTICLE 1.- The subsidies that may correspond to Adriana Patricia Ochoa (DNI 23583129), Ivan Ezequiel Silva (DNI 33583449) and Mariano Exequiel Sarquiz (DNI 32476027) for failing to comply with what is mentioned in article 14 of the Bases and Conditions of the “Call for Productive and Solidarity Promotion 2020”.

ARTICLE 2.- Declare as beneficiaries, taking into account the assigned priority order that arises from the corresponding acts of the Regional Councils, established in Resolution 266/20 / INAMU, to the following persons:

1. CEPEDA BARZOLA, MARIA DE LOS MILAGROS, DNI 32.838.498, Metropolitan Region.

2. PADULARROSA, HECTOR JOAQUIN, DNI 26.321.016, Central Region.

3. ARIAS, SOFIA CARLA, DNI 31,356,218, Nuevo Cuyo Region.

ARTICLE 3.- Notify the beneficiaries by email in order to ensure adequate dissemination.

ARTICLE 4. Set a period of 7 (SEVEN) calendar days to be computed from the publication in the Official Gazette, so that the beneficiaries declared in article 2 of this resolution, declare before the INAMU, through the Musician Panel that is in the institutional website,, the corresponding data for the purposes of making the payment of the corresponding benefit effective.

ARTICLE 5.- In the event of non-compliance with the terms established in the preceding article of this resolution, the subsidy will be deemed to have fallen without the right to any claim on the part of the beneficiary.

ARTICLE 6.- Let the beneficiaries know that they must carry out the compulsory social compensation provided for in the bases and conditions of the Call as well as render accounts in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 128/19 / INAMU, under penalty of applying the provisions in article 22 of Law 26,801.

ARTICLE 7.- Register, communicate, publish, go to the National Directorate of the Official Registry and file.

Maria Paula Rivera – Diego Boris Macciocco

e. 20/01/2021 N ° 2526/21 v. 20/01/2021

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