What has long been speculated in ice hockey circles is now fixed: Gregor Baumgartner becomes manager of Black Wings Linz, for which he himself played for a long time. The Upper Austrians announced this in a press release.

With Baumgartner, the Black Wings now have a new manager from April. From 2006 to 2015 he was active as a player with the Black Wings. He has known the organization of LIWEST ​​Black Wings Linz firsthand for many years. With no less than 496 games (157 goals) in the first team, he was able to excel at the Linz team and gain a good status in the ice hockey scene.

“Baumgartner is a really experienced man in ice hockey and we can be proud to have such a professional on board. He will help us to choose the right path and work sustainably. I would particularly like to emphasize that he will do his work until August on a voluntary basis in order to support the association as well as possible. “ said Peter Freunschlag, President of Linz.

Baumgartner new manager at Black Wings Linz

The new man in management

After his active player career, Baumgartner remained loyal to ice hockey as an ice hockey expert at Servus TV and SKY Sport Austria. In addition, he complemented his training path, which he had started in management and marketing in the United States, with a master’s degree in sports and event management from the Danube University Krems. He graduated with an MBA.

In addition to his school education, Baumgartner also completed several ice hockey training courses. In addition to the trainer license in Austria, he also acquired the license in Canada and the Vierumäki diploma. He worked for the ÖEHV for more than four years, among other things as a co-trainer for the A team and as head coach for various youth teams. Because of his
Sound ice hockey training, he was also active for the ÖEHV as training and development manager. His professional career also led to America, where he was hired not only as a player, but also after his active career as a lecturer at USA Hockey.

“Despite these difficult times and the unrest in the club, I’m looking forward to the challenge. With my new sporting concept and the support of all fans, sponsors and media partners, we are able to reunite the Black Wings family and make them strong. “ Gregor Baumgartner commented on his new post.


What’s next for the LIWEST ​​Black Wings?

There will be a press conference next week at which Baumgartner will present initial ideas. Journalists will have the opportunity to ask questions. All details of the press conference will be published in the next few days.

Uncertainty about Baumgartner as Linz manager

(LIWEST ​​Black Wings Linz)

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