Official, Persib Recruit 2 New Players

REPUBLIC OF BOBOTOH – Persib Bandung has again added to its strength in navigating the 2021-2022 Liga 1 season. This time Persib recruited two young players from Persib Training and Education, namely Ferdiansyah and Dimas Julio Pamungkas.

The news of the joining of the two training players was acknowledged by Persib’s head coach, Robert Alberts. According to him, the two players will be promoted to the Maung Bandung first team to navigate this season’s competition.

“Yes, we have chosen two players. Players numbered 50 (Ferdiansyah) and 23 (Dimas Julio Pamungkas) from the second match,” Robert told reporters on Saturday, August 28, 2021.

Previously, Robert had monitored the names of 7 Persib Training and Education players who were projected to be promoted to the senior team. Of the 7 names, two selected players were chosen after undergoing a trial match.

With the joining of Ferdiansyah and Dimas Julio, Persib automatically has 30 players. This amount is the maximum number of each team to be registered for this season’s League 1 competition.**

Writer: Raffy Faraz | Editor: M Taufik


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