officially | 5000 LE per month .. New investment certificates offered by the National Bank starting from thousands of pounds with a monthly return is the highest in the banking system

With a pleasant surprise, the National Bank of Egypt announced the launch of a new investment certificate with a monthly return of five thousand pounds, but this certificate under certain conditions, where it is a separate monthly income of the Egyptian family, in order to increase the burden on citizens during this period, which is witnessing a significant increase in all prices for goods and services.

NCB launches a new certificate

The National Bank pays the monthly return on the investment certificate to LE 5000 per month for the whole year and this is part of the B investment certificates offered by the bank to all citizens.

Official sources at the National Bank have stated that the certificate issued by the highest certificates at the level of banks as a separate monthly return, in which the interest rate is estimated at 16.25, which makes the high yield for the year .

This requires the obtaining of an estimated amount of 370 thousand pounds, in order to obtain a monthly income of 5 thousand per month.

The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) is trying to attract many Egyptian citizens during the next phase, offering several investment certificates suitable for all and many categories during the current period in order to increase the number of clients.

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A new certificate from the National Bank with a variable return is the highest among banks and a large turnout of citizens

Certificate of variable return

The National Bank has also presented a new three-year maturity certificate, the highest among Egyptian banks, with a yield every three months, the highest in the banking system, starting to buy from the price of one thousand pounds and multiples.

The central bank is trying to attract many citizens in the coming period, through the issuance of new investment certificates and marvelous features, which are often the best advantage of other banks, and is trying to spread its services throughout the Republic. Arab of Egypt to meet the wishes of customers.

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