Sport Officially .. Al-Ahly announces its position on the resumption...

Officially .. Al-Ahly announces its position on the resumption of the league in 6 points

08:04 PM

Saturday 02 May 2020

Books- Omar Qora:

The Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club issued an official statement announcing its position on the resumption of sports activity, stressing the need to work to complete the current season 2019-2020 according to the vision of state institutions in light of the spread of the new Corona virus “Covid-19”.

Al-Ahly’s statement came through its official website as follows:

Al-Ahly Club announced its position on the resumption of sporting activity, as it sees the necessity of working to complete the football season 2019/2020 at the time determined by the state institutions in accordance with its vision to ensure a safe return that contributes to achieving all health, economic and sporting goals .. This came after Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President The club conducted extensive consultations with members of the board of directors today..The club summarized its vision on the following points: –

– Taking any decision regarding the football season other than completing the competitions, even at a later time, results in depriving the clubs of the rest of their marketing returns according to their contracts with the sponsoring companies and the broadcasting rights, etc.

– Al-Ahly and other clubs assumed the equivalent of 85% of the salaries of players and technical, administrative and medical devices for the current season .. On the other hand, the clubs did not receive the same percentage of their financial returns (sponsorship – broadcast – … etc.) and if the activity is canceled, you will not get More than 50%

– There is no reason to rush to cancel the decision, especially since there is still enough time after the Olympic Games to be postponed for next year, as well as the African qualifiers for the teams. And if we take into consideration that the current season started last September, and therefore the new season can start in October, as happened in the past. And what about the pause period from May to October if canceled, and there are three Egyptian clubs looking for strong friction before completing their career in the African Championships.

Canceling the activity results in significant technical losses and wastes the legitimate rights of clubs that have had legal positions in the competitions in which they participate, there are clubs that spent a lot to achieve their goals, whether in coronation or Egyptian football representation in the continental championships or the achievement of advanced positions or non-decline or promotion to the highest degree Among the competitions, perhaps the largest patrols in the world (Italy – Spain – England – Germany) are still adhering to the resumption of activity to preserve the legal and technical rights of all clubs .. Even the European leagues that were canceled there was a concern for the rights of clubs and their legal positions as was done in In France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

– The abolition of football activity, of course followed by the cancellation of the rest of the activities in other games, which results in the demobilization of devices and workers in these games to get rid of the burdens of their monthly salaries, and this is inconsistent with the orientations of the state and its institutions in preserving the rights of employees and workers as well as temporary employment.

– The state, with all its institutions, is doing its utmost to reach the difficult equation between safe return, resumption of activity, and the preservation of the safety of citizens on one side, and the rotation of the production wheel on the other side, which is what most countries of the world seek.

In conclusion, the Al-Ahly Club renewed its affirmation of the need to work for the resumption of sports activity and the preservation of material and sports rights and legal centers for all clubs. Bearing in mind the state’s view and assessment of the situation in all its aspects, it is the most capable of preserving everyone’s safety.



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