Sport Officially.. Feiler renews his contract with Al Ahli and...

Officially.. Feiler renews his contract with Al Ahli and contracts signed

Learned the previous day from informed sources inside Ahly club management RED has succeeded in the renewal of the contract, the Swiss René Weil, artistic director of the team for the new season, officially, to settle on top of the technical leadership for the red team in the new season, the sources confirmed that the last hours have seen an agreement about all items of the contractual after having shown Feiler prior approval to stay inside the Red Fort with the consent of his family which is what actually happened after the meeting held by Feiler, with his family following his trip to Switzerland few days ago.

Sources revealed that Feiler sent since a few contracts signed after to take her with him to Switzerland during his visit to his family, where he held Feiler and his own hearing Online, with the management of Al Ahli on Thursday evening and stretched until the early hours of Friday morning saw the agreement on all contract terms, and insisted Feiler to renew his contract for only one season despite the fact that the management of red insists on renewing his contract for Season Two, which asked Feiler to happen after the end of the next season by mutual consent between the parties, as happened in the current decade.

The sources added that Feiler currently gets a monthly salary worth be thousand dollars per month while he gets with his computer knowledge to 232 thousand dollars per month, revealing that the value of the contract the coach and his increased for the value of the current contract, where he’ll Feiler and his Minerals on 200 thousand dollars a month, and the violet on your metal in full and place of Thomas Benji’malley school loads, michelle yan leave school goalkeepers, David Caesar school year, Sammy T-shirts assistant coach, while asked Feiler to appoint a psychiatrist in Egypt which is approved by the department the red.

And management of National that the experience of violet with a good team until now coach took over coaching the team last September and got to her local super (version 2019 ) at the expense of Zamalek to the top of the league currently and ascended on the team, Half final Champions League Africa lost the title of Super local ( version 2020 ) recently in front of the Zamalek penalties .

Contract included Feiler with Al Ahly continued the coach and his metal in the second season event win with my general international and champions of Africa and if won the team two championships and he wanted one of the parties break the contract you have to pay six months ‘ salary as penalty, and also includes a contract that the parties have thought about the continuation of the contract in the second season event of winning the Championship one of the championship international or Africa, but that the administration of red renewed contract Feiler, without waiting to resolve the fate of the Championship the International, Africa and the wishes of the people in the stability of the team after the good successes achieved by the coach of the Swiss with the team until now.



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