Officially, Zamalek qualifies for the second round of the African Champions League second group


Zamalek team officially qualified for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, after ensuring its presence in second place in its group after the first August Angolan tie with ZESCO Zambian with a goal for each of them, in the game that gathered them this evening, at the “Levy Mwanawasa” Stadium in the fifth round of the first group that Zamalek and Mazembe include the group stage of the African Champions League.

Zamalek decided its qualification before the last game that Al-Abyad will play against August 1 in the sixth round of the group stage, where Zamalek secured second place with 8 points, behind Mazembe, the leader with 11 points, to ensure the representative of Egypt to qualify to the next round and summer.

The first August tied with ZESCO, making each team’s balance only 3 points in the first group, as ZESCO had lost the opportunity to qualify to the second round completely before the game, while the first August had little hope of qualification, provided that victory is achieved today in Zambia, then victory Zamalek has two goals without a response in order to qualify with a goal difference, but that did not happen.

Zamalek officials booked two hotels to set up the team in Angola, in preparation for the trip of the white team to face the first August Angolan, on November 1, in the match scheduled for the sixth and final round of the group stage competitions.

Zamalek’s reservation came to two hotels in Angola, according to what a responsible source revealed to the club because there is pressure at the moment on the hotels, where a proactive mission from the club officials will go before the team’s mission to review all matters and stability on the final hotel in which Al-Abyad will stay, as one of them is near the stadium and the other is a distance away 20 km from the stadium of the meeting.



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