Often a debate, this is the function of the T-Rex’s small arm

Tutwuri.id – Since the fossils were first discovered, the shape of the arm of the Tyranosaurus Rex or often called the T-Rex has often been debated because of its disproportionate size.

From the data found, the body length of this ancient animal ranged from 11-13 meters with a skull length of up to 1.5 meters with a total weight of 8 tons.

From this size, the average arm of an adult T-rex is no more than one meter, which is considered incapable of gripping prey.

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As quoted from the latest issue of the journal Acta, it is stated that the small size of the T-Rex’s arms is part of an adaptation to the hunting patterns of this predator.

This is as Kevin Padian, professor emeritus of integrative biology at the University of California, said that T-Rex hunts in groups.

This is also reinforced by the discovery of many paintings and dioramas depicting this pattern.

Small T-Rex Arm For Hunting

From the explanation given by Kevin, the small size of the T-Rex’s arm serves to prevent clashes when hunting with his group.

Furthermore, he said this was important especially if he was eating the game in large groups.

“What if several adult Tyrannosaurs gathered around the carcass? You have a lot of huge skulls, with very strong jaws and teeth, tearing and chewing flesh and bone right next to you,” Padian said.

“What if your friends over there think you are too close? They may warn you by severing your arm.”

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However, this hypothesis is rather difficult to justify because this animal has been extinct since 66 million years ago.

T-Rex’s Small Arm for Breeding

Besides being believed to be an adaptation when hunting, some scientists also believe that this small arm shape functions when this predator enters the mating season.

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The small arms possessed by the T-Rex are useful for holding the opposite sex during intercourse.

As reported by the Discover Magazine page, Padian also hypothesized that natural selection required the front legs of carnivores to shrink because they were not very functional when hunting.

Furthermore, some experts even propose that the arms they have don’t even have any function at all.

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