Often Considered Trivial, Though These 7 Things Can Cause Stroke, dr. Saddam Ismail Mention His Characteristics

PRFMNEWS – Healthy Vlogger dr. Saddam Ismail Name 8 things that can cause a person to get sick stroke.

Disease stroke is one of the diseases that many people fear because it causes a person to be unable to carry out activities as usual due to the death of brain cells and making the body’s limbs unable to function properly.

dr. Saddam Ismail explain about 8 things or characteristics that are easily detected if the person will experience symptoms stroke.

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1. High Blood Sugar

When sugar levels are high and uncontrolled for a long time, it can damage blood vessels.

“If the blood vessels are damaged it will increase the disease strokeso do not be ignored when having blood sugar high, slowly the body will be gnawed with blood sugar high, so be diligent to take medicine blood sugar“said Dr. Saddam as quoted by prfmnews.id from the YouTube channel Saddam Ismail today is Thursday, June 2, 2022.

2. Stress

Stress will not go away from our lives, but stress should not be silenced alone, if experienced stress should be addressed immediately so as not to drag on longer.

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