Oh Eun-young, Choi Jin-sil’s son Choi Hwan-hee, “Cheer up, cheering message, meaning ‘Don’t die, live well'”

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G-flat (Choi Hwan-hee, 21), the son of the late Choi Jin-sil and a rookie rapper, spoke deeply about his support for him.

On the 24th, on Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’, Choi Hwan-hee, who is working as a G-flat member, appeared and talked about her worries.

On this day, Choi Hwanhee said, “People say to me, ‘Be strong!’ I often say ‘grow up nice’, of course words with the meaning of support are good, but I want you to stop looking at me like that for a little while,” he confessed honestly.

Choi Hwan-hee said, “Most of the comments on every post, whether it’s a picture of me sitting in a cafe or a picture of me working on music, always say ‘Cheer up’. Sometimes it feels more like sympathy rather than a feeling of being accepted.”

He continued, “I also get the feeling that people don’t see me as a musician yet. I want to communicate with fans and the public through music, and even if it’s not a compliment to ‘I do well’, opinions about music are not. I would like it to run in the comments,” he said.

On this day, Oh Eun-young consulted Choi Hwan-hee’s concerns and said, “The real meaning of what people say ‘be strong’ is ‘Don’t die, live well!’ And the meaning of ‘live well’ is ‘Your life is precious! Hold on to the end!’ It means ‘You have to live a long, long life’ or ‘You must never forsake yourself in the pain of life.’ This is what people want to say.”

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Oh Eun-young said, “Actually, Hwanhee values ​​her life so much since I met her, and she is very happy with the people around her and has a strong heart.” .

I also thought, “In Hwanhee’s heart, I want to meet her, but she is a mother who has pleasant memories and memories. We can’t let the Korean people leave in our hearts, so we’re projecting it to Hwanhee and continuing to say ‘Cheer up’ and ‘Fighting’.” It made those who heard it moved.

Choi Hwan-hee said, “There is something between me and my mother and the public, I didn’t know exactly what it was. But I thought, ‘Maybe that’s what people said.’ And I think I will be able to plan more excitingly about how I will live and enjoy my life in the future.”

Finally, MC Jung Hyung-don said, “To be honest, I thought today would be very heavy. I was worried that it would be very depressing and sad counseling, but this friend seems healthier than me, and he has a much stronger core and full of passion.” I think it was a day when I could completely take off my sunglasses by meeting them today,” he said, expressing his joy and gratitude to Choi Hwan-hee, the son of Choi Jin-sil, who grew up so well.

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